Business Travel News

Travel companies that provide dedicated business travel services recognize the need to communicate routinely with clients about issues affecting day-to-day travel, but they often lack the staff or sources to produce newsletters on a regular schedule. Whether you are a travel company or a corporation with a sizeable traveling staff, my monthly “Business Travel News” can be customized to address the most important needs of your business travelers.

To launch your own monthly Business Travel News, please contact me at or 608-335-4700.

Destination, Tours and Event Brochure Copy

Meetings, leisure group tours, and corporate travel incentive programs gain a strong, competitive edge when destination and itinerary information captures readers’ attention and sparks a desire to be part of the action. I have written many travel sales pieces for these target groups.

If you are a corporate travel planner, meeting or incentive travel planner, tour operator or destination management company, I am available to collaborate with you on your promotional project. Please contact me at or 608-335-4700.