Meet in Mobile, Alabama, Y’All

Occasionally, in my search for different, affordable, and not-so-mainstream meeting destinations, I come across a gem.

This happened when I visited Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf Coast, an unexpectedly inviting, friendly and downright pretty city where residents routinely ask, “How y’all doin’?” and extend genuine southern hospitality to visitors and locals alike.

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Fiesta San Antonio

San Antonio Throws a Texas-sized Party For a Good Cause

If you have never been to San Antonio, Texas during the annual Fiesta San Antonio, I have three words of advice: Go! Go! Go!

Every year during the month of April, this picturesque south Texas city with a rich heritage blows the doors off with a 10-day citywide extravaganza packed with sparkling events, remarkable food and music, culturally-significant activities, lavish parades showcasing more royalty than you’ll see in London in a month, and hoot-and-hollerin’ foot-stomping fun.

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