Guatemala is a Tapestry of Religious Beliefs and Artistry

The rough-hewn stone steps to the whitewashed Church of Santo Thomás were covered with stacks of pottery, wood carvings, towering piles of richly-colored textiles, and perfect flowers. Graceful calla lilies, gladiolas, flame-colored feathery ornamentals and exquisite roses in tight-budded bunches perfumed the warm morning air.

At the top of the steps incense billowed from low pots, filling the air with a resiny scent and smoky haze. Across the square, a bonfire blurred the stairs of its companion church, El Calvario. The two edifices appeared poised in a stony face-off, adding to the surrealism of the scene.

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Travel risk: It’s time to be proactive

Global business travel is predicted to ramp up dramatically in the next couple of years as more companies broaden their search for new markets. Along with opportunity comes increased risk for travelers who are in distant environments, making a corporate risk management program for travelers a business essential. Here are a couple of resources that can be useful in developing your company program:

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Risk Management Skills

A Fast-Track Approach to Risk Management Skills

When they handed me the helmet and fire protection gear, I knew this would not be an ordinary car ride.

I’m strapped into the passenger seat of a powerful 6-speed race-ready Corvette C5 coupe at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Phoenix, Arizona, waiting for driving instructor/pro race driver Mike Speck to slam the rumbling machine into gear.

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