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Mind + Body + Meetings: Add Wellness to Meetings for An Improved Work-Life Balance

Call it the mind-body connection or a holistic approach to healthcare, employee wellness has become an entrenched concept in many corporate environments, with positive results.

Promoting healthy workplace habits has shown measureable benefits in lower absenteeism, higher productivity, improvement in overall work quality and lower health care costs for employers.

In the corporate arena, exercise breaks, health fairs, stop-smoking efforts, nutritious lunches, weight-loss challenges, “gratitude-is-an-attitude” initiatives—all of these and more help shift employee attitudes to a more positive place.

It’s only natural, then, that the wellness mindset has found its way into meeting agendas, with more companies and organizations actively seeking ways to carry the concept forward during offsite events. In Wisconsin, resorts and spas have recognized the interest and developed creative offerings to meet it.

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Originally published in Wisconsin Meetings Magazine