What’s on the Mind of a Kroger Meeting Planner?

Twelve years ago, Angela Buller, CMP, made a spur-of-the-moment decision. On a whim, she applied for (and landed) a meetings internship position with the Cincinnati-based Kroger Company, a 133-year-old Fortune 100 publicly traded corporation with thousands of stores, a couple dozen brands in 35 states and hundreds of thousands of employees. Today as a senior meeting planner on a team of 10, Buller plans and executes more than 300 meetings per year for more than 100 internal clients. Read more



Looking for a unique outing for your group? Or perhaps your company’s executive team is

looking to impress a potential client? Game hunting may not be for everyone but for hunting

enthusiasts, it can be an exciting activity that satisfies a competitive spirit and provides a

unique, shared experience.

In Wisconsin where so many traditions embrace the land, it’s no surprise that the sport of

upland game bird hunting has evolved over decades to include places defined as hunt clubs.

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The “Other Las Vegas”

Las Vegas, New Mexico is located about 65 miles east of Santa Fe and light years from the “real” Las Vegas. I spent several days there a few years ago and it still lingers in my memory as a unique and quirky place. Some of the places I visited, and locals I met might—or might not—still be there, but chances are the town’s quirkiness and characters remain. ͠

There was a time if you stopped by the Hillcrest Restaurant on Grand Avenue in Las Vegas, New Mexico about six in the morning, you’d probably see Clyde Pickett having breakfast at the counter.
When I met him, Clyde was a retired Las Vegas cowboy, still riding and roping in rodeo events and occasionally helping local ranchers brand their little dogies and ship them to market.
When he wasn’t in the saddle, Clyde did something very un-cowboy-like. He made baskets, using up the remnants of his old nylon lariats, artistically coiling them and tagging them with a little card that read “When some things die they go to a casket. When this rope “died,” it became a basket!”

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Wisconsin Cheese Stands Alone

A few years ago, California’s dairy farmers taunted Wisconsin with predictions that not only would their (allegedly) happy cows produce more milk, but they would also produce more cheese than the dairy state within a matter of months.

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On Friday, Get the Fish

If traditional hour-long waits and out-the-door lines are clues, no Wisconsin road trip is complete without indulging in the quintessential Friday night fish fry.

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